Do You Have a Customer Experience Strategy?

The customer experience is getting a lot of attention these days and as Martha Stewart would say, “that is a good thing.” Where would your business be without customers? Not a pleasant question to ponder, right? But like it or not, your customers are having an experience so ponder this question:

Do you have a defined, focused strategy around what you want your customer’s experience to be and how will you provide it?

If you don’t have a customer experience strategy, you should. Your customers are too important to leave it to chance. And, it is not the burden of the contact center to bear alone. It is an enterprise-wide responsibility, everyone contributes in some way, and everyone must be accountable.

The strategy should be defined, communicated, and understood by all employees. An effective strategy should also:

  • Provide clarity around who your customers are, what they value, the experience you will provide, and how you will provide it.
  • Be focused on providing a consistent experience – all the time, via all the channels customers use to contact you.
  • Be designed from the customer perspective vs. your internal perspective.

Where do you stand on the above items? Do you know your customers well enough? Do you have a multichannel strategy for delivering an exceptional customer experience?

I recommend that you get your management team in a room equipped with a big white board and lots of coffee and start brainstorming to find out! It won’t be long before you start identifying the gaps between your desired and actual customer experience. Resist the temptation to jump ahead and find solutions for the gaps you identify. You’ll need a clear and comprehensive strategy to be successful during the execution and gap closing phase.

In my next post, I will provide my top ten questions that you must answer to improve your customer’s experiences.

Marilyn Saulnier

Marilyn Saulnier

Marilyn Saulnier

I am a principal consultant at Interactive Intelligence with over 25 years of contact center management and consulting experience. I manage a global team of contact center consultants that work with organizations to define the center’s strategy, improve the center’s efficiency and quality of the customer experience, redesign processes, and implement and manage change. I'm also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has led many training seminars in the US and abroad. I've also published articles in the Contact Center Pipeline, Middle-East Customer Management Insight, and Call Center Management Review.