Does Your Unified Communications Solution Offer Consistency?

Consistency is a key contributor to quality.  Consistency provides a level and measurable playing field with which you can determine where you stand.  Knowing where you stand enables you to move more efficiently to where you want to be.

Move this concept into the contact center.  Does your contact center record calls?  Does it offer customer satisfaction surveys?  As much as I hate having my voice recorded, I can appreciate the fact that contact centers may record my calls for "quality assurance" purposes.

I recently called into a contact center.  It was one of those many vendors you see today offering bundled packages.  Buy 2 services from us and get a 3rd for free.  It will be cheaper and you’ll see one consolidated bill.  Sounds nice, but I was left with mixed feelings when setting up these services.  I must have been transferred 5 times and each time I felt like I was talking to different companies that were recently acquired.  The one service department delivered top-notch service while another left me wanting to look for another provider.

Now transition over to Unified Communications.  You will see many many vendors using this term and checking off the box.  Some have acquired necessary technology to check the box while others have built it from the ground up.  You’ll see some require completely separate environments while others offer all-in-one 100% IP solutions. 

Maybe you’re reading today looking for a solution.  Will that solutions provider enable you to reach consistency and drive towards quality?

Peter Nees | aka Mr. Pizzazz