Don’t Do More With Less, Make More Less with WFO!

Personally, the start of a new year can be hopeful and exciting.  Professionally, it can be overwhelming in the contact center where a new year often means higher workload with a lower budget than last year.  If you’re in that boat, you’ve probably already found yourself asking the constant contact center question:  “How am I going to do more with less this year?”  Answering that question can be difficult without a plan and the right tools to do it the right way; by getting better and not just cheaper.  Instead of doing more with less, what if you could actually "make" the more less? 

One of the best ways to gain back some ground in the contact center is to improve the performance of your workforce by utilizing Workforce Optimization (WFO) products.  WFO products are designed to “optimize” the workforce across all of the components that drive productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.  

Workforce management is the natural piece of this process since it helps ensure that you have the right number of people in the right place at the right time.  If you don’t have enough people, you’ll still have a gap and won’t be able to make more less without the other WFO tools. Using a quality management, customer feedback management, performance management and other WFO solutions are necessary to actually change “do more with less” to “make more less.”

One example of using a combination of WFO programs to tackle this problem is to measure and manage first call resolution (FCR.)  Full quality and customer feedback management programs can improve the overall service you provide to your customers.  That can lead to improvements in FCR and improved FCR directly reduces contact volume actually "making more less."

Have you implemented a WFO program in your contact center that helped you either do more with less or actually make the more less?   Let me know, I’d love to hear from some of you on this. 

Troy Plott