Engage with Customers in an Ultra-Connected Era

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Omnichannel. Multichannel. Multimodal. You’ve probably seen or heard these words in relation to large enterprises and customer contact centers, but what do they mean? Basically, they can all be boiled down to the same idea: companies need to be able to communicate with customers whenever and wherever the customer wants. Be that via phone call, SMS text, online chat, social media or whatever the next big “thing” is.

But how does that impact the smaller businesses? Should these companies even care about it? YES. It’s simple, omnichannel technology isn’t just for the giants anymore. As customer expectations become more liquid, the demand for consistent communication across industries and companies will only increase.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. The proliferation of smart phones, social media, email and high-tech availability means your customers are likely already wanting to interact with your brand, despite your size, across many channels and devices. But it’s one thing to meet customers where they are. It’s another thing to make sure to provide a seamless experience regardless of what customer use – questions need to be answered quickly, easily and uniformly.

So, whether you are a multimillion dollar tech company or a mom-and-pop flower shop with a handful of locations, having the ability to connect with your customers when and where they want is the new normal. In order to avoid a massive disruption, you need to establish a system that will help keep you ahead of changing trends.

“Just 7% of customers are extremely satisfied that brands provide a seamless, integrated, and consistent customer service experience across all channels, and 87% think brands need to work harder to create a seamless experience for customers.”

– OmniChannel Customer Service Survey, 2013, ZenDesk in August 2013

In our new eBook, Engage with Customers in an Ultra-Connected Era, we walk you through the struggles a small to medium business might have if it does not use a single, unified system for its customer contact. This eBook will give you the tips you need to get started towards being a valued, trusted connection point in your customers’ ultra-connected world.

Bobbi Chester

Bobbi Chester

I joined the Product Marketing team at Interactive Intelligence April 2011, leading Interactive's vertical marketing efforts. My nearly 20 years’ experience with contact center technologies began at MCI (which eventually became Verizon Business) where I was part of a specialized services team selling contact center solutions to Fortune 1000 and global clients. Just prior to joining Interactive Intelligence I was Director of Marketing for a contact center outsourcing company. I am a proud wife of an Air Force officer and an avid college football fan.