Enterprise Connect: IoT Takeaways

I anticipated a whole lot more hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) at Enterprise Connect this year. One esteemed analyst shared the themes she and her counterparts felt dominated the discussion at the event: cloud and hybrid. Part of the discussion around hybrid involved the ease in which cloud solutions could integrate with existing/other systems.

So what about IoT? Is it even relevant to the contact center?

The general sentiment at Enterprise Connect seemed to be that IoT is a ways off from hitting the mainstream contact center. What’s fascinating is that as I started to talk about real-world use cases, like my dad’s experience with his solar company, others started to cite examples of proactive interactions they’ve received as consumers as a result of data collected from a “thing.” It became clear how important it is to understand the customer’s journey and deliver a timely and effective end-to-end experience – TODAY!

Another general sentiment was new insights from data collected by IoT clouds will be incredibly powerful in providing new, proactive omnichannel experiences. Presenting customer data to agents on an interaction is one thing, but to deliver unique and powerful insights that can enhance the experience and, in some cases, save lives is pretty cool to think about.

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What I’m left with after Enterprise Connect are two main thoughts:

  1. A strong belief that IoT is here now, for certain industries, but may not be well understood or properly addressed.
  2. IoT is indeed coming and will change everything when data pulled from IoT clouds can be used in more meaningful and transformational ways.

So the answer is yes, IoT is absolutely relevant to the contact center. It wasn’t too long ago that cloud was just a murmur at Enterprise Connect. This year it was one of two themes dominating the discussion. It seems that it’s just a matter of time before IoT will find its way to center stage.

Have you received any proactive interactions (emails, calls, etc.) as a result of data a company has collected on one of your “things”? If so, was the end-to-end experience solid? How could it have been better?

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Jason Alley

Jason Alley

Jason Alley is a senior solutions marketing manager for Interactive Intelligence. Since his employment in 2010, Jason has helped Interactive Intelligence develop market requirements and go-to-market strategies for contact center, customer experience, and cloud solutions. Prior to Interactive, he spent ten years consulting with large enterprise contact centers and suppliers for Vanguard Communications, and a company he later founded, SmartContact Consulting. Jason spent the first seven years of his career in sales, marketing, and product management roles working for Aspect, Hipbone, Nortel, and others. Jason received his bachelor’s degree in business economics from UCLA.