Great Use Cases for Dialing Out

We have all had those late night and weekend robo calls. Sometimes we get so many (during a political campaign for instance) that it’s all an annoyance and white noise. We might hang up, lose our cool with the person or machine or we might on occasion actually listen and engage the poor soul on the other end. However your customer decides to respond, you can influence how your customers react.

In fact, outbound dialing can be quite productive – provided you have engaged and informed your customer that you will be doing it and more importantly – why! Still, it is the customer’s choice to not answer the call or even ask to be removed from your outbound call campaigns. You can certainly enhance your chance of a positive response when you pair dialer technology with an outbound dialing strategy to help provide the customer with proactive and timely information about their account, services and/or products.

Here are some practical use cases by industry where outbound dialing might make sense for you – and your customers:

Credit Card Processing and Merchant Programs – Merchant loyalty, merchant sales, technical support, statement/payment due.

Desktop Support – Outage notifications, system/application updates.

Retail  Order status, shipping/delivery notifications, new product offering, product availability, refund notifications, credit card payment/statement availability.

Education  Tuition due/class payment reminders, class registration deadlines, campus safety notifications, weather/school closure/delays, school board meeting reminders, parent/teacher conference reminders, school events – sports/recreation/fine arts/theater productions.

Medical – Appointment reminders, appointment changes, prescription availability.

Utilities  Power outage notification/status, service calls.

While this is not a complete list, it is a healthy exercise to sit down and review customer use cases and determine which outbound dialing campaigns might work best for your audience.

Remember to always ask your legal team about any regulations and guidelines regarding your operations before exercising any outbound campaign. Be sure you are following the guidelines defined by TCPA, The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, (and any other stipulations defined by your legal team).

You can make outbound calls to your customers a great customer experience. Be sure to follow legal guidelines, inform your customer as to why, show the benefit to them through practical use cases to improve service, and respect their wishes to opt out of the outbound experience.

Do you have other great use cases for an effective customer experience? Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with me!

Thanks for reading!
Todd Marthaler

Todd Marthaler

Todd Marthaler

I am a 20 year veteran of the contact center field and a Contact Center Strategic Consultant with Interactive Intelligence since April 2013. Before joining Interactive, I was a business analyst and client services manager for a top Interactive Intelligence partner. I’ve managed several multichannel and multi-site contact center operations with Fortune 500 Companies in the retail, hospitality, utility, and service verticals. I have a passion for positioning the companies I service to deliver the ultimate customer experience. I also have expertise in IVR and call flow design, workforce management Implementation, workflow optimization, operations management, quality assurance and voice of the customer programs. In addition to speaking and consulting engagements, I frequently write for Contact Center Pipeline, present at partner events and deliver educational webinars. I’ve been an active member of ICMI and SOCAP. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Journalism and a master’s certificate from St. Catherine’s University in Organizational Leadership.