How Do You Know If an Agent is Taking Too Much Time?

This question came up in class the other day, so I decided to look into it and document a solution. The student posed the following dilemma – you are a call center supervisor, and you want to know when anyone in your work group spends more than five minutes on an interaction. They wanted to know whether an alert could be set up for that condition within Customer Interaction Center.

The answer I came up with is to set up an alert in Interaction Center Business Manager monitoring the agent’s on phone status and pop a desktop alert to the designated supervisor when the “time in status” exceeds five minutes. Here are the instructions you can use to set it up.

In the Workgroup Details view under Supervisor, you can:

1. Right-click in the Members page and select “Edit alerts”
2. Choose “Time in status” from the Statistic field drop-down

3. Select the desired Workgroup from the drop-down next to Statistic parameters

4. Choose “On Phone” in the Status drop-down

5. Below Alert conditions click Add
6. In the Alert Condition drop-down select “Trigger alert when value is more than”

7. Set the Value to “0d 00:05:00” (or whatever amount of time suits your needs)

8. In the severity drop-down select the desired level, e.g. “Warning”

9. Click Add Action… to send an email or client memo or set other alerting options
10. Here is an example of the settings to send a desktop alert:

11. The final Alerts dialog might look like:

12. The final Edit Alerts dialog might look like:

13. Click OK to complete the configuration

Once all of the configuration is done, the system will send a desktop alert to the designated user every time an agent in the specified workgroup is on an interaction for more than five minutes.


A couple of caveats

1. The interaction itself does not have to be on the specified workgroup queue, so the alert will fire for personal calls or calls received by the agent via a different workgroup queue

2. The alert will fire for all interaction types, such as chats – not just calls

If you find this of use, or you have other call center conundrums you’d like to see solved, drop me a comment!

– George Ganahl, Principal Education Technology Consultant

George Ganahl

George Ganahl

I joined Interactive Intelligence in March 1999 with a background in technology and data networking. My first stop was in education, where I taught our partners and customers how to install, configure and administer our IP business communications software system. Several years on the development side of the house followed, where I managed the install, build and documentation teams; built hotfixes; managed our software platform; and maintained the big picture for development. After a return to education, I managed and maintained the worldwide set of classroom equipment and continued to train partners and customers. These days I’m concentrating on internal training for the services teams, including training for our new multitenant cloud platform, PureCloud℠, which delivers customer engagement, and unified communications and collaboration services.