How Innovation Enables Us To Move Forward

Welcome to my first post in The Tech Lounge! My name is Travis Gillison, and I have been employed as a member of the Product Integration Team within Testing since November of 2007. During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to see how our product is used in the field, and subsequently, how it has changed.  This has enabled me to glean a thorough understanding of what we do here at Interactive Intelligence.  I get the “bird’s eye view” of our software.

You may not know this, but most of the new features and changes made within our Service Updates are direct results of the feedback we get from our customers.  I spend a lot of time testing those updates, so I am always curious to see how our product affects the real world, and how it benefits our customers by improving their productivity and profitability.  It’s this exact function of my position here that is the most exciting.

That leads me to the first topic I’d like to discuss:  innovation.  There was arguably no bigger story in IT this year than the recent passing of Steve Jobs.  His impact on the technology industry was invaluable and he has forever changed the way all of us communicate.  He had a creative mind that surpassed many others, and his products are practically commodity items, which is an impressive achievement for any company.  Steve Jobs was an innovator.  Many would call him a game changer.  His entire life was surrounded by creativity.

What does this have to do with Interactive Intelligence?  Everything. “Deliberately Innovative” is our company motto, and our Chief Executive Officer Don Brown has a clear vision of how that mantra drives our product design.  Our contact center solution has slowly focused on a niche within the telecommunications industry, bringing unified messaging to the forefront and showing our competitors that SIP is the protocol to follow.  Our product has drastically changed the way our customers do business, and I believe that many of them feel the same way we do about innovation.  It moves us forward.

Moving forward is a common phrase people hear, but I rarely see it done by a lot of businesses.  It seems “that’s the way it has always been” retains an authoritative hold over a lot of companies, and it prevents progress.  Being innovative can be a little more risky and shall we say, sexy.  Innovation, by definition, is the introduction of new things or methods.  It is the key reason our products are so dynamic, and it’s one of the reasons that our customers have been able to succeed with their business strategies.

Our upcoming Customer Interaction CenterTM 4.0 release is going to show, yet again, how innovation will help our customers.  It will help them move forward, and because change is inevitable, (especially in our industry), this is a good thing. We must all be chameleons, and continue to adapt to the market around us.  Our customers are certainly the best chameleons of all, because as they change their business structure, our product will shape itself to match their needs.

As mentioned previously, seeing how our product is used has always enticed me.  I’d like to hear from you.  How has our product helped you become innovative?

–Travis W. Gillison