How One Company Used their Best Asset – Their People

You can help drive a culture of inclusion and collaboration or you can let your team descend into constant reactive mode. If you ignore what your people are saying, this can create a siloed environment which can directly impact your customer service.

An inspiring moment for me was listening to what our customer Ambit Energy, a top electricity and gas provider, has accomplished by listening to its employees and turning those insights into action.

Ambit reached out to its employees for ways to improve, and then followed through, making changes to its processes. CRM system improvements decreased an average call time by one minute. With employee input, a prototype was developed, feedback was solicited and end users then tested the functionality. The turnaround was often the same day!

My top three take-aways from this are:

1) Your front-line employees know your customers best; they interact with them every day. Why not ask them how to improve customer service, processes and much more?

2) Your employees work with your internal tools every day. Listen to their suggestions on how to improve systems, make information more readily available and you can save money by driving efficiencies.

3) Be ready to act. Open a dialog with employees, listen to them but also ask questions and really “hear” them. Be patient and open to new ideas. React quickly to their suggestions. Those around you can make a difference for the company and position it for success.

Once the employees at Ambit were given an opportunity to suggest changes and saw them implemented quickly, the shift was amazing! The employees were much more satisfied with their jobs and were happy to serve customers – resulting in improved service levels. To learn more about how Ambit improved their customer experience, check out “How to Turn Contact Center Data into Actionable Intelligence.”