How to gain and keep Gen Y loyalty


Gen Y’s constant connectivity through various channels allows them to direct the way brands should manage their customer service. So what does Generation Y want in terms of customer service? Retailers that are one step ahead.

  • Unique Personalization
    • Loyalty programs and personalized perks are just two of the expectations from Gen Y. Retailers must think about the “something extra” for Gen Y. For example, Beachbody offers “Beach Body Club” in which consumers get discounts on workout items, along with free support and advice from health coaches. The customer gets personalized coaching while the retailer guides them on what to purchase online.  Providing these perks is a win-win. To avoid the brand disloyalty of Gen Y shoppers, give them a reason to stick with you by providing an exclusive program that shows you know your shopper. Providing an intuitive platform for their journey and their shopping preferences gives them the ease of knowing they are being approached as an individual, not as a dollar sign.
  • Eliminate the disconnect; make it quick and easy
    • From smartphone to computer to tablet to the physical store, Gen Y demand an integrated seamless experience. The associates both online and in store should have the appropriate resources to access product information and order status quickly. Having a uniform system that provides a 360 view of the customer helps eliminate any disconnect from their previous interaction, no matter the channel.
  • Get Savvy
    • Gen Y is considered the most tech-savvy generation to date. Retailers that provide services that keep up with Gen Y will be ahead of their competition. Gen Y needs options; they have had options since the day they sat down in front of the Internet. Retailers must offer services that allow for flexibility. For example, buy online and pick up in store or mobile ordering and delivery based upon their desired time frame within the hour or 24 hours. Nielsen data shows that online ordering for groceries is the preferred service for Millennials. From groceries to clothing, millennial buying power has pushed these services to grow and it is up to the retailers to keep up this growing expectation of “I want it now”.

Retailers that can predict the shopper’s next move or question will be the surviving brand. Gen Y is about convenience. If there are delays in getting the information they want, they will quickly move on to the next brand.