Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 3

Wrapping up my commentary on the Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Interactions ’09. As usual, we saved the best for last. As one customer told me just before we began the closing keynote, "this is where I take pages of notes." The info worth all the attention? Dr. Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence CEO, presenting a forward-looking session on where we’re headed.

There are few confidential items that I’ve omitted, but the bulk of it is here.

Don’s presentation and what customers can look forward to:

  • Making the customer experience easier by continuing to minimize the need for customization. This includes easier ability for out-of-the-box screen pop integration with other software solutions and a heavily beefed-up Interaction Attendant.
  • The introduction of "Bulls-Eye Routing." Essentially, starting the routing scheme with as specific criteria as possible (e.g. route a caller to a specific agent, who speaks French, and is certified at a certain level on the required product). Then as time passes in the queue, the strictness of the routing criteria is reduced. Very cool.
  • Continuing to move more and more media processing to the dedicated media server. This will increase scalability, functionality, and reliability.
  • Ability to keep the audio local at the remote site. This will reduce bandwidth consumption, increase call quality, and increase remote survivability.
  • The addition of speech analytics. This will play out to include word spotting, emotion detection, phonetic analysis and be done in both real time and from historical recordings. And a bonus…no extra hardware will be required. Remember, we’re a software company.
  • New Interaction Recorder enhancements. This will include retroactive recording and policy-based adminstration.
  • Some amazing email enhancements focused around tracking email usage, support for threaded email discussions, and full-scale SMS support
  • Some great new tools for outsourced contact centers, giving them the ability to give their customers a web portal to monitor call recordings, agent statistics, reporting, call monitoring, script changes, etc.
  • Huge scalability increases. We already support contact centers¬†with thousands and thousands of agents, but the latest scalability enhancements will put so much more on a single CIC server.

Those are some of the high points. Is this too much to share with our competitors (I know you’re reading this)? Nope, because our main competitors are big bazillion dollar companies that move too slowly to do anything about it. I see letting competitors in our plans¬†similar to the thinking of a knuckleball pitcher — he doesn’t hide the sign or care that you know he’s going to through you a knuckleball, because you can’t hit it anyway!

For those users that missed this year’s event, we hope to see you next year. And thanks to all those who attended.

Joe Staples — Born the son of a pre-blog-era blogger