Integrating Customer Interaction Center with PureCloud

UserExpGuess what folks, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. There is a misconception that Customer Interaction Center (CIC) can’t integrate with PureCloud. Many think that it’s one or the other and you have to decide.

There is an integration. The PureCloud for CIC integration enriches the CIC user experience by leveraging the power and data of CIC and the collaborative features of PureCloud. PureCloud for CIC brings users together into a single environment that allows for seamless communication between CIC and PureCloud-only users.

CIC user information and statuses are automatically and continuously synced into a paired PureCloud organization. The PureCloud for CIC configuration is accomplished in PureCloudView_In_Connect_makecalla few simple steps in Interaction Administrator, creating a new PureCloud organization or using an existing. The integration also provisions a trust between the CIC Server and the paired organization to provide single sign on capabilities.

In 2016 R4 of CIC, CIC gets a PureCloud view that allows telephony function with PureCloud-only users with a simple click. It also provides for a user browsing experience.

One of the main goals of this integration is to make it a simple no-fuss way to try PureCloud without disrupting your current CIC solution.

Now that you’ve heard the good news – go enjoy your cake! And if you’d like to learn more about this integration, visit:


Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) is an all-in-one omnichannel customer engagement software suite designed for mid-size to large contact centers.

The Interactive Intelligence PureCloud platform is the first cloud platform using microservice architecture built for multi-use cases: customer engagement, communications and collaboration (C3).

Jim McDaniel

Jim McDaniel

Jim McDaniel has been working in development for Interactive Intelligence since 2001. He was a contributor and team lead in the telephony services group for 12 years and played a large role in developing the Cisco integrations and phone Provisions system. Since then he has lead the server team that handled many of the large subsystems in CIC which now focuses on integration development in both CIC and PureCloud.