Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2 1/2

Okay the title says "Day 2 1/2," but this is really about the night of day two. At the awards dinner, held at Lucas Oil stadium, several awards were presented to Interactive Intelligence customers for the cool things they’ve accomplished with communications in the enterprise and the contact center. The grand daddy of the awards is the Innovators award. This year’s winner, presented by Interactive Intelligence CEO Dr. Don Brown, is a Canadian company by the name of Stellar Relay. And a "stellar" performance is exactly what they’ve accomplished.

Don Brown (left) awarding the team from Stellar Relay with the Inovators Award
Don Brown (left) awards the team from Stellar Relay
with this year’s Innovators Award.

Stellar Relay provides all the communication technology needed for all eight of their contact centers in Canada, the U.S., and the Philippines from a pair of centralized CIC (Customer Interaction Center) servers. They load balance via a SIP Proxy to rout traffic in an all-IP environment.

They have deployed an IP Relay Service for hearing impaired in the State of California — where the user hits a website initiating an IP call which goes into one of Stellar Relay’s contact centers. Stellar Relay agents act as the "relay/translator" of the communication or request.

Stellar Relay deployed Interaction Conference across the entire enterprise to handle all conferencing needs. That purchase paid for itself in a month.

Stellar Relay uses Interaction Monitor to allow the IT staff to centrally view the health of all gateways, media servers and CIC servers that they have deployed worldwide.

I could go on…but suffice to say that these guys really have created an environment for their 2000 contact center agents that really shines! What a great example of a company that has used technology to create a competitive advantage for business. Congratulations!

Joe — the blog guy that got to run the same field at the awards dinner that Peyton Manning runs

Interactions '09 Awards Dinner at Lucas Oil Stadium
The Interactions ’09 awards dinner held at Lucas Oil Stadium