Interactive Intelligence Global User Forum — Day 2

Just now wrapping up day two at Interactions ’09. Today was exclusively comprised of break out sessions — lots of info.

I thought one of the most interesting sessions was one titled "Migrating from a multi-point legacy environment." The thing I find most interesting about this session (presented by Tim Passios, a very talented presenter) is that over the last 2-3 years, I think people are starting to get it. They get the value and benefits of running ALL their communications on a single platform. What they don’t get is how to get from their current multi-point world to the all-in-one Shangri La. Essentially, how to move from multiple boxes from multiple vendors all glued together…HOW DO THEY MIGRATE TO AN ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION. A key message of the presentation was that it doesn’t have to be rip and replace. There are good strategies in place to smoothly transition from that legacy environment.

One of the important segments to the session was the results of research done by Benchmark Portal, where they studied and interviewed contact centers and published the results of how others made the transition. You can download a copy of the report at The title of the paper is "Technology Adoption Strategies for All-in-One Contact Center Solutions." Well worth the read.

Now tonight it’s off to Lucas Oil stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts) for the awards dinner (including on-field tours). The awards are presented to companies who have done some amazing things with technology in the enterprise and contact center.

Joe Staples — Interactions ’09 blogger