Internet Telephony Expo East — Grief Over Our SMB Award?

Some interesting posts in the blogosphere this week following Internet Telephony Expo East in Miami. As a result of the show, Interactive Intelligence received a "Best of Show" in the SMB category for our EIC product offering.
Next thing we know, someone is taking issue with it — A VoIP Blog authored by ChromisInc (in which he makes some good points)
Then come a skillful reply from TMC’s Greg Galitzine (TMC was the award grantor)
Then a very nice, "Good point and I agree with you" follow-up post from Chromis
The whole sequence of events made me realize that these awards do matter. People do read blogs. And the "M" in SMB is alive and well!
To clarify for our readers our postion on the subject, here is the text I posted on Chromis’ blog:
"I think Greg’s response was right on target (also nice to see the follow-up post from Chromis). While Interactive Intelligence primarily serves large enterprises and large contact centers with our Customer Interaction Center (CIC) product, we introduced EIC in 2004 to go after the smaller end of the IP PBX market. 100 users is the floor, and the product scales well beyond that, but in many definitions 100 users is considered a “small” organization and in ALL definitions, it would be considered “medium” at it’s largest. Truth told, we’ve sold a large portion of our EIC systems to organizations with 100-250 users. I think the award fits. Thanks TMC for the recognition. — Joe Staples – Interactive Intelligence, Inc."