iPhone is so yesterday… it’s an Android world!

I’ve had phone envy for the past few years watching friends and colleagues enjoy their iPhones while I paired a Blackberry and personal phone.  I’ve been married to Verizon by contract and kids’ phone lines.  Recently, my daughter needed a phone refresh for college, and after some research we went with the Droid Incredible.  That research got me thinking… "hey, I have an upgrade coming… I could drop the Blackberry and upgrade my phone to a Droid."  So last week I did… and now I’m officially a Droid 2 user.

And, wow, I’ve got the bug… this thing is pretty cool! I’m still figuring out all it can do. It’s my Blackberry at high speed – work email, calendar – plus a fast browser and so many useful apps. (One of my favorites is Google Goggles which lets you take a picture of things like books, artwork, logos, buildings, and find out what you are looking at with more info).

My colleagues and friends will say, "welcome to the iPhone world… we’ve been here for awhile". Yes, but iPhone is a very controlled universe (a blessing in the eyes of some)… and Apple’s decision to have an exclusive carrier strategy (AT&T) kept me and many others out of this world.

In a short time according to Gartner, Android has passed iPhone OS as the #1 mobile operating system in the US and #3 in the world after RIM’s BlackBerry and Nokia’s Symbian. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is a soon to be launched iPad-like device running Android. And don’t think Steve Jobs hasn’t noticed.

No doubt, Android builds on iPhone/iPad’s broad shoulders, but, as the last article notes, Android adds something that has already and will continue to make a huge difference: an open platform. "And where’s Apple’s iOS in those standings? It’s fourth worldwide. Just goes to show how letting people run an open platform, and allowing them to load apps of their choice onto devices of their choice, works so well."

An open platform, giving developers the tools to easily extend the power of a great idea – it works in the mobile device market and many other places including the contact center software world.

Do you have your Android device yet from Motorola, HTC, etc… connected to any number of mobile carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc?

Matt Taylor