Is It Still Good to Talk?

So, is it still good to talk?

New research from a popular price comparison website shows that 58% of the British make less than one mobile call a day and 44% make less than one call a day on their home landline. So is the art of conversation really dead, or with the rising popularity of SMS, email and, of course, social media, are we just finding new ways to talk? 

There are over 74 million mobile phones in use in the UK, which is higher than the current population, but rather than using them to make calls, it seems that we using our mobiles to text instead.

According to OFCOM, as a nation we send sixty billion text messages every year – that’s an average of 67 texts a month each, more than double the average number of calls we make.

But should we be surprised?

Text messages are practically free making the use of texts almost second nature. The younger generation tends to go through hundreds of messages per month quite easily.

I recently discovered, amongst my friends and family, that their landline phones have almost become ornaments gathering dust, because everyone has been able to acquire mobiles with such generous packages (1,000 minutes a month, 500 texts, unlimited data, etc.) that there’s no need to continue to feather the main carriers’’ nest from that means.

Personally, I believe the answer to my question, “So, is it still good to talk?”,  is a resounding “Yes”….

Even with the availability of email, web chat and collaboration, SMS, social media becoming so prevalent, I don’t believe anything will completely take away the power of voice.

It may have been knocked off its’ perch, but it’s still high up the branches….


 Christian Ehinmola