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Genesys VP of Client Account Management Pamela Jo Hynes recently authored a book titled Succeeding at Customer Engagement, which shares best practices from a variety of leaders in organizations known for providing outstanding customer experiences.  One of her recommendations that resonated with me was to “keep customers in a consistent full view”.

Keeping customers in full view is a challenge, particularly given the myriad systems in which organizations store data.  How can agents avoid the “swivel chair dilemma” that causes them to bounce back and forth between multiple systems?

Picture1PureCloud now offers a tool to help agents keep customers in view:  PureCloud for Chrome.  With this tool, agents can work within whatever web-based system or systems provide the full view of their customer—whether a CRM, an issue tracking system, an appointment scheduling system, or a recruiting system. Simultaneously, they can use a smaller, unobtrusive PureCloud user interface provided through a Chrome browser extension to engage their customers.

But how exactly does PureCloud for Chrome allow the agent to engage with customers?

Call Controls

PureCloud for Chrome allows agents to receive calls (direct or ACD), callbacks and dialer interactions.  And, even more interaction types are planned.  Agents are alerted for incoming interactions and can answer these from within the tool.  Agents can then work within that system or systems without giving up the ability to quickly place the caller on hold, pull together a conference call, or transfer the interaction when needed.  A full list of the call controls available to agents are described in our resource center.

PureCloud Web-based Phone

Through cutting-edge WebRTC technology, PureCloud for Chrome can also be the agent’s phone.  There is no need to have a separate physical device.  Removing that physical device can sometimes mean removing one more item that distracts the agent from his or her focus on the customer.  As Roe Jones mentioned in his posting about the PureCloud Web-based Phone, it can not only simplify the agent’s experience, but it can also simplify the overall administration of the contact center as well.


Of course, agents need to make outbound calls too.  With PureCloud for Chrome, we’ve enabled click-to-dial functionality.  When agents are working within web-based systems that show customer phone numbers as tel: links, then agents can just click on that phone number to make an outbound call.

If the system does not show a phone number as a tel: link, that is not a problem.  Agents are always able to highlight a phone number and right-click on it to quickly make a call. Picture3

Both techniques allow agents to stay focused on the web-based system that provides the view of the customer.

Screen Pops

One of the best ways to keep the customer in view is through a screen pop.  Pamela in her book writes:

A company that sets a standard to reduce and possibly eliminate the burden on the customer must have a flexible communications system in order to achieve that standard. A good start is system that provides interfaces to integrate to your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and then provides screen pops of customer data immediately to the agent. Data at an agent’s fingertips keeps the customer from having to repeat information, which you should be maintaining about your customer in the first place.

PureCloud for Chrome does support screen pops.  Given the vast number of web-based systems in existence, how can PureCloud for Chrome possibly support screen pops?  Let me explain using Google as an example.

We’ve all gone to Google’s home page to type in a search query and pressed enter to see results.  For example, if I wanted to Google my own phone number, I could go to Google’s homepage, type 317-872-3000, and see what results come up.  I can also see those results using a specially formatted web address,

Because I know the format that Google accepts, I can configure PureCloud for Chrome to perform a screen pop using Google.  With this configuration in place, when an agent is alerted for an incoming call, the agent will be “popped” to a page showing Google’s search results for the caller’s number.

The configuration that causes this to happen is within PureCloud’s Architect.  Architect allows you to create a flow for how inbound calls proceed before its assigned to an agent.  See the screen shot showing my simple flow. Picture2

Google is a bit of a far-fetched example, but hopefully it shows that if you know how a system formats URL’s for searches or if you can create page that accepts search terms through a URL, then you can leverage that to create pops for your agents.  More information on screen pops is available in our resource center.

How can I try PureCloud for Chrome?

The best way to understand PureCloud for Chrome and how it can allow your agents to keep customers in full view is through a free trial.  Get started with your trial now.




Randolph Rife

Randolph Rife

As Sr. Product Owner, Randolph develops vision and direction for PureCloud client integrations to Salesforce and Zendesk. When he’s not working in JIRA, he’s having conversations with the development teams, the sales teams, the services team, customers, partners, prospects, and anyone and everyone else interested. He evangelizes the products and features we have and solicits input to determine what’s next.