Keep Your Head in the Game: Blocking the Noise in Your Contact Center Strategy

As I’m sitting here watching Super Bowl 50 on my DVR some knucklehead in the crowd is yelling “Wooooooooooooooooo!” louder and with more intensity than any human voice should be able to maintain for four quarters. Four. Long. Quarters. I can’t hear anything else. It’ll ring in my ears when I go to bed tonight. For the love of earworms—why?

It’s human nature to focus on the loudest thing in the room. It demands our attention and crawls in your head, distracting you from everything else.

What’s making the most noise in your contact center strategy right now? Omnichannel? Speech analytics? Self-service? Every year, we get a new set of contact center buzzwords that scream to be noticed at every tradeshow and in every webinar.

So how do you sort through the noise to hear what’s really important? Here are three things that help me shush the noise and build a solid game plan.

  1. Pick one thing and do it well. Be the master of one new technology per quarter/year/preset time and master it. For example, don’t spin up social monitoring for every single social platform at once. Pick one, tweaking your process as you go until you have a well-oiled machine. Once you’ve got the hang of it, pick one more. Pick, tweak, repeat.
  2. Don’t over plan. Remember when Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” That might be fine advice for a budding Jedi, but for the rest of us doing and trying are not mutually exclusive. Before Agile Marketing became a thing, we all labored over excruciating details for every little project and spreadsheet, refining until we wanted to set the whole thing on fire. Don’t underestimate the liberation and immediate ROI of going with your best instinct, releasing the first iteration, and refining your work as you go. Believe me, my fellow perfectionists, I know it pokes you right in your perfect souls but try it. Pick something safe-ish to cut your Agile teeth on, create something sensible and release it into the wild. You’ll be hooked.
  3. Always build with the future in mind. My kids sing this little song called, “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man.” The gist is that two guys build houses together, and one builds his house on the beach and the other builds his house on a rock. As you can imagine, the song ends with the sandman’s house getting splatted by a wave while the guy on the rock smugly looks on. Okay, maybe there isn’t any reference to smugness in the song but that’s how I imagine it. Don’t be lured into building the foundation of your contact center on a platform that can’t stand up against the waves of change. What you need today can look completely different a year from now. Make sure you choose an architecture that can stand up to change and evolving customer expectations. Don’t be the sandman. If you’re considering a cloud architecture, make sure you read, The Best Cloud Architecture for Your Contact Center.

How do you drown out the “Woooooooooooooo!” in your contact center strategy? We’d love to hear your tactics for keeping your head in the game.

Lori Stout

Lori Stout

A disciple of all things customer marketing, Lori is constantly looking for new ways to help organizations use Interactive Intelligence solutions to delight their customers. Lori has five kids, 224 shoes and a very patient husband. She hasn't had spare time since 2006, but vaguely remembers what it was like.