Learning Web Chat Lessons From Dell

Depending on the research report you read, chat looks to be the second most popular service communication channel, behind the ubiquitous telephone – and yes, ahead of email.

If that is the case, its no surprise that businesses are trying to figure out how to do chat well! Do I blend chat with my agents who also take phone calls? How many chats should an agent handle at once? What are the hiring criteria for a good chat agent? What tools do chat agents need in addition to what their phone counterparts have? What are the best KPIs to apply to chat interactions?

All good questions, right? In a great article from the Software Advice blog, “How Dell Increased Support Productivity by 25% Through Effective Chat Training,” we get some really good depth on the answers to these questions following a look at how Dell manages chat. With a heavy emphasis on agent training, the best part of the case study is the bottom-line result where Dell increased support productivity by 25% with their effective chat strategies and processes.

So call it multichannel, omni-channel, or universal-channel. Just give customers choices in how to interact with your business…and turn customer service into a competitive advantage.

Joe Staples Chief add-a-channel promotion Officer