Lost in Contact

I came across this very funny video story on The Onion last week. The story jokes about an Apple “Friend Bar” that just opened up.  The premise is that you can make an appointment at the Apple store to talk with a “friend” about Apple products.  The idea has so much merit that it is easy to mistake it for a true story.  How many of us might really want something like that?  Maybe not for Apple product but name your interest.   The Apple “friend bar” idea is particularly humorous, since it first plays on the culture of Apple enthusiast and second plays off of the genius bar Apple already has to offer in their stores. 

I guess when you think about it some blogs and social media sites are not too different from a “friend bar.” It might not be a face to face appointment, but it is still a way to share and comment on similar interests.  It is hard to find a B2C organization that is not on Facebook.  Every B2C wants to be your friend, right?  Heck, if it were as cheap as just posting a Facebook page, how many companies might start offering a “talk to a friend” option on their IVR?  Sign me up as a volunteer home agent for FIFA and I might just take your call and listen to you talk about the World Cup.  I’ll warn you, though; my hold music is set to the sound of a vuvuzela.