Making Your Contact Center Better Tomorrow Than it is Today

I’m going to tackle this topic in several installments (lest I get yelled at by the blog crew police for having a post that is too long). So here’s where I’m starting from…

Most contact centers that I visit….well….they "exist." What I mean is they do pretty much what they did yesterday, and the day before that, and the year before that. Not a lot of change. Plenty of ideas for change, but not much action.

Then there are the rare innovative ones. Those like, Phillips Medical, and Loan Depot, where everyday, the people at these contact centers wake up and try and figure out how to get better.

With that as the backdrop, let me propose a process that I think successful contact centers can use to be better tomorrow than they are today. I’ll outline the process here and then spend a few future posts digging a bit deeper into each of the five segments. And yes, the order of these segments is important.

1. Define the End Game — Start here or fail. This is where you define what your end objective is relative to service or sales, depending on the function of your contact center.

2. Define Key Measurements — Now that you know what the end game is, what metrics will you use to measure progress and success.

3. Document the Process —  Just as it sounds, document the entire flow of the contact center process, beginning to end. Not the way it is, but the way it should be.

4. Identify the Human Resource Requirements — Identify who, what skill set, how many, where would they be located.

5. Identify the Technology Requirements — Too many over-anxious IT people jump to this step. Don’t do it. Get the other four items well defined first and your technology selection will be easy.

Please jump in and comment. Many of you have been through this very same process before. Maybe successfully; maybe unsuccessfully. Let us learn from your experiences.

Joe Staples — A CMO anxiously awaiting the first pitch of baseball season