Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Contact Center

Alright, I’m going to apologize up front for this post, though I really question the need for an apology since in my posting of non-Joe Staples material, I am giving full attribution to the real author.

Over the past few months I’ve posted a number of times on capturing the "voice of the customer." I see this a such a critical element of a well-run contact center. On that subject, Gina Clarkin, a product manager for Interactive Intelligence, has written a practical guide to measuring customer satisfaction in the contact center. If you’ve got responsibility for this area within your center, I see this as a must read.

And, it’s a short read — just 3 pages. It the guide Gina covers 10 best practices such as questionnaire design, measuring the right things, using the right scale, finding the "rightmark," and coordinating with the IT department. She provides some great statistics from Gartner and CFI group that are useful in cost justifying a customer satisfaction measurement project.

Bottom-line is this is a great resource. The download is free. Just visit

After you read it, comment on what you thought.

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