Millennial Multichannel Madness Syndrome

randypicSo, you have customers – that’s great. And you have systems for handling customer questions and issues – that’s great too. But things just keep changing. Now you have customers that grew up using the web, and they just do things differently.

Millennial customers don’t reach for the phone when they have a problem. Well, OK, they do reach for their cell phone, but the first thing they try is usually something else besides call you. They start with Google and look at links for their issue… then they’ll try to post a question on your support forum (hoping a moderator will pick up the issue and solve their problem)… then they’ll try to open a chat, while simultaneously posting a tweet, and looking – if all else fails – for the number for your phone support. And they can do all this in about five minutes.

The result for you is four (or more) simultaneous issues opening in your contact center to separate teams on separate systems.

Redundancy, Urk

It’s not that they are trying to make more work for you. Customers just want to solve their problem. And millennials think, very logically, that if they try four methods they will get a quick answer on at least one of them. Or, maybe, you will automatically escalate their issue because it must be important – after all, they asked multiple times!

Technical Challenge 1: Are you working with all the channels where customers are posting?

Technical Challenge 2: Can you recognize the same customer on different channels?

Inconsistency, Argh

It’s not that they are trying to hunt for different answers on different channels (although, that can happen too). But you have probably stitched together a collection of technology to handle different types of interactions that don’t really share much. They don’t share scripts for example, or admin tools for routing issues, or even reports in many cases. And you likely have separate teams working the channels. And the customer is using different aliases and screen names for the each channel. You would have to either be extremely lucky or relentlessly OCD to keep all these teams and tools coordinated so that customer experiences are consistent.

Technical Challenge 3: Is your customer getting good, consistent service?

Technical Challenge 4: Can you route the customer to the same agent, even when they are using different channels?

Listening and Learning

But millennials are here to stay. And really, who doesn’t want their problems solved quickly? Plus there will be even more channels coming that you will have to address – so you can be where your customers expect you to be. And if you don’t have these new channels connected to your customer records so you can see and understand all their behaviors, you can’t really hear what they are trying to tell you. After all, if your Dentist office can respond to multiple channels and know who you are, why can’t your company do the same with your customers?

Technical Challenge 5: Can you see and measure cross-channel customer activity?

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Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

An industrial designer gone bad from years of UX architecture wrangling, Randy Carter is senior marketing content architect for Interactive Intelligence. He never stops thinking about how to help customers make their systems more understandable, more polite, and more useful.