Monaural or Binaural?

When buying a headset there are many options and factors to consider.  Typically, the decision is not driven by any one factor.  All factors and options are weighed together to come up with the best choice to meet your needs.

Below I’ve listed what I see as the 4 key factors in the decision making process.  There are, of course, many options that can be considered.  I’ve listed only a few questions to consider when making a decision.



Price Range

This one is straight forward.  My budget does not allow me to spend more than X dollars.  Spending less than Y dollars and I know the unit will most likely be too cheap (break easily or have bad sound quality).


This one blends with feature selection.  Does it excellent sound quality?  Does it have noise cancelation?  Will it take a beating?  Will it last more than 2 years?


Does it offer wearing options – over the head, behind the head, around the ear… ?  Is it one ear or two (monaural or binaural)?  Can I wear it comfortably for 8 hours?  Will it mess up my hair?


Is it corded or wireless? RJ-9? Can I control the volume and mute on the cord? Can I pickup/disconnect? Can I switch from USB to RJ-9 using the same headset? Does it have quick disconnect

Now taking into account the factors listed above, how would you prioritize what is most important to you when making a decision?  Do you start with a price point and filter your selection or do you start with quality?

Decision Making Priority





1.       1. Price Range

2.       2. Quality

3.       3. Comfort

4.       4. Features

1.       1. Quality

2.       2. Comfort

3.       3. Features

4.       4. Price Range

1.       1. Features

2.       2. Price Range

3.       3. Comfort

4.       4. Quality

1.       1. Comfort

2.       2. Quality

3.       3. Price Range

4.       4. Features

I actually use a monaural (single ear) over-the-head wireless headset.  The mute feature on the wireless headset is great.  I’ve actually taken it down the hall to grab coffee muting on the way.  The other great feature about my headset is that I can pick it up out of the base unit and answer the call.

What type of headset do you use, and what is used in your contact center?  How would you prioritize the 4 key factors in your decision making process?  Are you monaural or binaural? 

Let me know if you have any questions about headsets too.  Have a great weekend!

Peter "Mono" Nees