Multiple Page Work Items in IPA 3.0 SU12

With the release of IC 3.0 SU12 we now have a feature which many Interaction Process Automation (IPA) sites have been requesting for quite a while – the ability to add multiple pages to a Work Item.

The procedure for creating a new Work Item has not changed a lot, with the main addition to the dialog being a Name field for the particular page.  The main functionality change, in my mind, is the ability to specify actions which will run when the Work Item starts, when it transitions between pages, and when a page completes with a button press.  This change allows you to create a single Work Item which can perform a Web Service call when it is first sent to an agent, display the information returned from the web service, allow the agent to make changes or add entries to fields on a Work item page, click a button to transition to another page, send the data from the first page back to the web service and display new results on the next page, work with temporary copies of the data stored in local variables in the Work item, and eventually either commit or discard all data entered in the Work Item when a final Exit button is clicked by the agent.

In other words, I no longer have to send an initial Work Item to an agent, let the agent enter some data in the fields, submit it (which would store the changed values), run a web service call back in the Task, get the return and send a new Work Item to the agent, and so on.

With the new multiple page Work Items, I can assign custom Dynamic Details, and thus have better reporting and tracking capability.  The order in which the pages are presented can be changed based upon the button clicks performed by the agent.  I can even set up multiple exit paths from the Work Item, once again based upon button clicks, which can perform a different action for each exit path.

I know this is just a brief synopsis of the new functionality – you can see a lot more in the Process Designer Online Help, and if you have access to IPA Designer you can play with the new functionality on your development server.

If you have been holding off on examining the possibilities of Business Process Optimization with IPA, it’s definitely worth a look!

George Ganahl, Master Training Consultant

George Ganahl

George Ganahl

I joined Interactive Intelligence in March 1999 with a background in technology and data networking. My first stop was in education, where I taught our partners and customers how to install, configure and administer our IP business communications software system. Several years on the development side of the house followed, where I managed the install, build and documentation teams; built hotfixes; managed our software platform; and maintained the big picture for development. After a return to education, I managed and maintained the worldwide set of classroom equipment and continued to train partners and customers. These days I’m concentrating on internal training for the services teams, including training for our new multitenant cloud platform, PureCloud℠, which delivers customer engagement, and unified communications and collaboration services.