My Multichannel Customer Experience Experiment – Post Script

If you’ve followed my posts tracking my experience with Delta airlines (latest post, My Multichannel Customer Experience Part 3), you’ll know that the airline didn’t do too well relative to delivering a great customer experience. However, I think I might have been critical of Delta for the wrong reason. What I’ve now learned is, they’re not bad, they’re just slow!

All my comments about Delta not responding to my tweets, online posts, and phone calls were a bit premature. This weekend, I got two calls from the Delta customer care people following up on my complaint. I then received a semi-personal email from Delta thanking me for the compliment I had sent via a web form. And at the end of last week Saddle Tree Research analyst Paul Stockford, who had referenced my blog in a tweet of his own, got a reply from DeltaAssist. Now mind you, all this took place 3-5 days after I first reached out to Delta – hence my conclusion that the service they deliver isn’t bad, it’s just slow.

So how does that make me feel? Honestly, I don’t know. While their response was well-outside normal acceptable service levels, should I feel better because…hey, at least they responded?

I stand by my earlier recommendation. Delta, these things are easy to fix given the nature of your business and the lifetime value of a customer to you. Step up and fix them and it will be a competitive advantage for you in the marketplace.

Joe chief “wonderer if better late than never makes sense” officer