New Cloud Platform eBook Available

We’re happy to announce we have a new ebook available for free download on – (oops, a simple registration is required)

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Hadoop the Shard!

How to evaluate a ‘True’ Cloud Platform

Many vendors can say an application runs ‘in the cloud,’ but there are significant differences between hosting a legacy monolithic application, hosting a multi-tier application, and running a system that can take full advantage of cloud scaling and resiliency.

This 19-page eBook is a summary of key cloud technologies written for anyone who is evaluating prospective cloud applications.


  • What is ‘Built to Scale’?
  • What are Microservices?
  • How/When/Why does it scale?
  • Public APIs, Service Contracts, and Security
  • Big Data – Hadoop and the MapReduce Revolution
  • Designed for Failure?
  • Connecting to Data
  • Measuring Everything
  • What should be different in a modern ‘true’ cloud application compared to traditional software?
  • Which features should you look for, and why are they important?


Download The Book – or search for ‘platform’ on the main site.

Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

An industrial designer gone bad from years of UX architecture wrangling, Randy Carter is senior marketing content architect for Interactive Intelligence. He never stops thinking about how to help customers make their systems more understandable, more polite, and more useful.