New Feature Spotlight: PureCloud Web-based Phone (WebRTC)

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The wait is finally over.  We’re excited to announce the release of our PureCloud® web-based phone (utilizing WebRTC).   Here at Interactive Intelligence we’ve been using it internally—and boy, it’s convenient.  Maybe the best way to introduce this new functionality is via a simple Q&A.

What is WebRTC?

In non-technical terms, it is the technology that powers our web-based phone.  WebRTC stands for “Web Real-Time Communications,” a technology (set of API’s) focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice, directly within the web browser.

How is a web-based phone different from other softphones?

WebRTC is built natively into browsers such as Chrome and Firefox allowing you to use your browser as a phone.  This means there’s no software to deploy, provision and maintain.  That often is not the case with softphones.

How is this new feature going to make my life easier?

Ok, maybe our new web-based phone isn’t life changing, but we sure hope it’ll improve your workday.  Here are a few benefits:

  • Ditch your physical phone:  The web-based phone works with a headset, earbuds, or a device’s built-in speaker and microphone.  In fact, my iPhone earbuds work just fine.
  • Work from anywhere: Fire up your browser, login to PureCloud, and work from anywhere that has internet connectivity.  Sit down at Starbucks, order a Tall, Non-Fat Latte With Caramel Drizzle…ahhh so much better than the office.
  • Get all the bells and whistles: All the PureCloud call controls are built-in (hold, mute, transfer, record, conference, disconnect).  Sort of need those right?
  • Integrations are included: We’ve updated our out-of-box Salesforce and Zendesk integrations to work with the phone as well.
  • It’s easy: It’s a breeze to configure and support making it ideal for all remote employees.
  • Strengthen your business continuity plan:  During an unplanned closure (weather, disaster, etc.) employees can easily work from a remote location such as home.


Enough chatter, how do I get started using this cool new phone?

screenshotHave your PureCloud administrator turn it on and then simply navigate to the phone selector tab within PureCloud. There you can search for and select your newly configured web-phone.

Of course, our ultra-handy PureCloud Resource Center covers all these steps in detail.   So check it out if you need more help.

Our web-based phone is just one example of innovative new stuff we’re delivering to PureCloud customers on a continuous basis.

To see other cool new features available take a look at our Release Notes located in the Resource Center.

Not a PureCloud customer yet? Try it out for free and let us know what you think.

Roe Jones

Roe Jones

Roe Jones is a Product Marketing Manager for Interactive Intelligence (ININ). He has been employed at ININ for 17 years with roles in Support, Professional Services, Product Management, Cloud Services and Marketing. His areas of interest are contact centers, unified communications, and subscription pricing.