2011 Resolutions The Year of the Customer

I gave a shout out to a few customers to see if they had any resolutions for 2011. The resounding theme was a renewed awareness and focus on providing superior customer service.

Penny St Antoine, Vice President of Contact Centre Operations at MCAP, shares:

“Our resolution for 2011 is to continue to emphasize the development of mortgage experts in our Contact Centre to provide superior service to our borrowers. In 2011, we will be introducing a new focus of recognizing and rewarding our agents for taking ownership of customer issues and resolving them.”

My friend Chris Borg, Operations Manager at ClubHouze, shares:

“My contact centre resolution is to reaffirm the culture that every customer contact counts. The success of 2011 will be judged with customer satisfaction as our only metric.”

This is refreshing and great news!

The past few years the overarching theme has been cost cutting. Contact centers have done a darn good job of doing more with less during difficult times. Teams have rallied and tireless hours have been spent protecting customer relationships. Folks have been rolling up their sleeves, getting creative, and making things happen. The shift in focus from cost cutting to investing in customer relationships could not come at a better time.

So, let’s celebrate! Wait…already? But we’re not totally out of this yet…

My church back home has been going through a challenging transition for some time. As this year’s annual meeting approached, our pastor challenged the leadership team to do things a bit differently – to spend less time talking about data points and strategies and more time celebrating the great work that had been done in the life of the congregation. He challenged them to bring the discussion down to the individual level, to make it personal. Instead of another boring annual meeting, the first annual “celebration” proved to be truly inspiring. It gave all who attended a new appreciation for the past year and, indirectly, a renewed hope for what was to come.

So yes, let’s celebrate!

Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of 2010. Let’s highlight the great stories of sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, going the extra mile. And, let’s make it personal. Doing so will go a long way towards motivating the people directly responsible for meeting our resolutions to give their very best in 2011 – the Year of the Customer.

Do you have 2010 accomplishments worth celebrating that you’d like to share? How about a resolution for 2011?

Only two months until Spring Training!

Jason Alley

Jason Alley

Jason Alley

Jason Alley is a senior solutions marketing manager for Interactive Intelligence. Since his employment in 2010, Jason has helped Interactive Intelligence develop market requirements and go-to-market strategies for contact center, customer experience, and cloud solutions. Prior to Interactive, he spent ten years consulting with large enterprise contact centers and suppliers for Vanguard Communications, and a company he later founded, SmartContact Consulting. Jason spent the first seven years of his career in sales, marketing, and product management roles working for Aspect, Hipbone, Nortel, and others. Jason received his bachelor’s degree in business economics from UCLA.