On the Road with PureCloud for Salesforce—Dreamforce, Here We Come!


Over the next few days, my experience is going to be very similar to others across the Salesforce community.  It will be very busy and rushed as we prepare to attend Dreamforce.  I’ll be busy wrapping up a number of tasks to ensure work will progress while I am out for the week.  And once that is taken care of, I need to make arrangements at my home, pack and double-check my flight and hotel.

Despite the stress involved with traveling, I am truly excited to attend Dreamforce this year.  It is the first year Interactive Intelligence will be able to showcase PureCloud for Salesforce®, our newest Salesforce integration.

There are two valuable benefits of PureCloud for Salesforce.

  1. Agent efficiency:  Like the Salesforce integrations that our competitors offer, PureCloud for Salesforce embeds call controls within Salesforce.  But, PureCloud for Salesforce goes further to optimize the agent’s experience.  It offers features like workspace transfer.  When an agent transfers a call, the agent can also transfer the Service Cloud tab and sub-tabs that are open.  The agent who receives the transfer can resume the call—picking up where the first agent left off.
  2. Data:  I think an organization’s Salesforce data is incomplete if it doesn’t capture each interaction with its customers.  PureCloud for Salesforce writes data into Salesforce for each interaction.  Key data from the interaction is present in the activity record that is created, and the call recording and a graph of the timeline are just a click away.

But this is what PureCloud for Salesforce offers now.  Part of the reason that Interactive Intelligence attends Dreamforce is to learn the direction the company is taking and to receive updates about the latest changes to the Salesforce platform.  Both help to spur ideas for the future direction of our product, PureCloud for Salesforce

But enough about the future.  I need to get back to preparing for Dreamforce.

Our team would love to meet up with you at Dreamforce, show you these features and much, much more.  If you’re interested, you can schedule a meeting to check out PureCloud for Salesforce while you’re there.

Hope to see you soon!


Randolph Rife

Randolph Rife

As Sr. Product Owner, Randolph develops vision and direction for PureCloud client integrations to Salesforce and Zendesk. When he’s not working in JIRA, he’s having conversations with the development teams, the sales teams, the services team, customers, partners, prospects, and anyone and everyone else interested. He evangelizes the products and features we have and solicits input to determine what’s next.