Pet Peeve: Excessive Customer Service blah blah blah

I pull up to Starbucks drivethrough to get a simple drink and hear "Good morning.  It is a BEAUTIFUL day at Starbucks!  My name is Suzie.  Would you like to try our new Triple Mocha Cinnamon Surprise Frappuchinno and a Warm California Blueberry Muffin today?!"  What happened to a simple "Good morning!  How can I help you?"

I call about a cell phone question and, after receiving good and friendly support, the agent (clearly reading required text) verifies in long form that they have answered all my questions, reads back their 800 number if I have additional needs, and adds additional verbiage that I don’t remember.

I pull up to my local McDonald’s drive through and hear a guy say "Welcome to McDonalds!!  Would you like to try our new blah blah blah blah blah blah".  I wait for him to finish and then reply "No thanks".  Then a different, female voice responds "What can I get for you this morning?"  That original voice that I responded to was a recording… argh!!  

It might sound petty, but I’m really getting tired of what I consider excessive customer service/sales messaging.

In all these cases, I don’t want to interupt these drive through workers / agents who are just doing their prescribed job, but I have started to do just that… interupt them and move on.  The companies’ goals with these scripts are to sell more product and increase satisfaction, but they end up just wasting my time and irritating me – and increasing talk time in the case of the call center.

Is it just me?  Anyone else think these scripts are getting a bit long-winded?

Matt Taylor (an admitted Starbuck’s hot chocolate addict)