PureCloud APIs – Powering Your Future

I’ve been with Interactive Intelligence for over seven years, and on the PureCloud team since 2013.  It has been an amazing experience watching the platform take shape over the last three years. In May 2016 we reached a major milestone with the release of the PureCloud Platform APIs for public consumption. The release marked a very exciting moment in the evolution of Interactive Intelligence and the PureCloud Platform. Never before has a company with the breadth and depth of experience in the customer engagement space as Interactive Intelligence offered such flexible tools to the market. The open APIs put the power of an industry leading platform in the hands of developers worldwide allowing the creation of a virtually unlimited number of applications and integrations.

PureCloud was designed to be a platform from the beginning. We took an API first approach to design a secure, extensible, elastic, scalable and resilient platform. PureCloud is built on top of the best-in-class and powerful Amazon Web Services platform. We take care of the infrastructure and heavy lifting for you. Developers don’t have to stand up and provision servers, rather they can focus on what they do best – writing application code and solving business problems. Our entire suite of PureCloud applications – Collaborate, Communicate and Engage – are all built utilizing the same APIs available to you today!

Don’t like the way we designed the UI for call controls?  Build your own UI. Need to integrate to a homegrown on-premises SQL-based server? Write an integration through our bridge. Are you a partner with a niche market and need a specialized application for your clients? Write one. Do you have designs on owning your own software company? Build a real-time customer engagement, communication or collaboration application and create your own corporate success story. The PureCloud APIs provide developers all of the tools needed to build these applications quickly.

Our APIs come in different shapes and sizes: REST, Streaming, Webhooks and Integrations. We’ve taken a pragmatic approach to governing our APIs to keep them consistent. The API team provides our developers with general guidelines, not hard-fast rules. Contracts are reviewed by the API team in order to maintain consistency and help educate developers. Lastly, we use an application to verify that teams stay in compliance. The way we do things allows us to offer a well documented set of resources for developers at developer.mypurecloud.com. Here you will find documentation, sample code, open source projects, and more!

Help is just a few keystrokes away. Anyone building applications and integrations will have access to our developer forum. Our developer forum is moderated by in-house developers to provide assistance and answer questions as they arise. We also encourage your participation in helping your fellow developers.  Our goal is to have a best-in-class developer community. We have lots planned and in development for our developer center.

Join me at INTERACTIONS 2016 June 6-9 in Indianapolis, Indiana to learn more about PureCloud Platform APIs! Register here.


Interactive Intelligence PureCloudSM is our latest microservice-based customer engagement cloud platform, a subscription-based scalable system that also helps the rest of your business stay in touch through a rich corporate director, ‘big data’ search, ad hoc and rules-based groups, chat, video chat, and document sharing features.

Bill Devlin

Bill Devlin has been with Interactive Intelligence since 2009. He joined the PureCloud team in 2012 as the first product manager and has been helping to build and guide PureCloud to market ever since. Recently Bill has been focused on the platform APIs, developer center and formulating strategy around the PureCloud marketplace.