PureCloud Makes My Commute to the Cabin Possible


Each and every day, I pack-up my lunch and grab my backpack for my long commute to the cabin. This may sound like a really long commute when in reality our little cabin is just down the hill, only about 100 yards from our house. After yearOur Cabins of doing the Bay Area commute (and I truly sympathize with anyone who commutes day-in and day-out), I know I’m very lucky to work from home. And, even more lucky to have a separate space for my office.

I’ve worked at home as a product marketer for the last 16 years, but only the last 10 have been spent in my tiny cabin. At about 500-square-foot, it’s small and boasts lovely amenities such as a pellet-wood stove in the winter and a window AC in the summer. Sounds glamorous, eh? For all its “modern” amenities (not really, the cabin is quite ancient), the most important is high-speed Internet and PureCloud. Without the technology that allows me to communicate and collaborate with my coworkers, I would never be able to work in my little cabin.

Working from home is all about a commitment to delivering results. However, collaboration with co-workers and teams is absolutely critical in delivering those results. PureCloud is a big part of why I’m successful working from my tiny cabin.

PureCloud Encourages CollaborationPureCloud Org Groups Product Marketing[2]

Each day, after I get the pellet stove working so I don’t FREEZE, I log-in to PureCloud where I can immediately see which co-workers are online and whether they are available, in a meeting, or away from their desk. I use PureCloud for one-on-one and group chats and move from chat to video and document sharing seamlessly. I don’t have to set-up and send out a bridge or video session. With PureCloud, I just click on participants to start a chat room. If we decide to move to video, we do it with a click. If I’m having a “bad hair day” I simply share my profile picture vs. doing live video (my hair always looks good by the way).  But the choice of audio or video is mine, and again it’s just a click so it’s super easy.

PureCloud Enables Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of using PureCloud has been a huge reduction in my email volume. At my previous employer, which will remain nameless, I had to spend 2-3 hours or more a day on email alone. We are talking about hundreds of emails each day. Full-on conversations via email! It was huge time suck. With PureCloud, a group can have a quick chat session, figure it out and move on. No more scrolling through massive email threads trying to figure out who said what and what the next step is. I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore, thanks to PureCloud.

PureCloud Offers Flexibility

As a Mom, having the flexibility to be at home for my kids when they are sick is a major bonus. So when I need to be at the house, instead of the cabin, I simply use my MacBook with my PureCloud Web-based phone and a headset for calls. I just click and call. Some of my colleagues have been amazed by the quality. They said they thought I was sitting at my desk using a TDM phone, when in reality I was sitting at my daughter’s bedside nursing her back to health. True story!

PureCloud Enhances Organizational VisibilityPureCloud Product Management Directory

PureCloud also includes geo location capabilities so I can see where my colleagues are located. With a quick glance I can see that the Director of Product Management is out of the country and in a different time zone, which helps me quickly determine when or how I should connect with that person. Also, the built in directory and organization tree functions are a massive time saver. For example, let’s say I need to connect with someone in the Product Management group but I’m not sure who. With PureCloud, the organization hierarchy of the Product Management team is displayed as a tree and I can get details about an individual’s role without having to consult a separate static document or org system. Then it’s just click-to-chat because it’s all located in a single communication and collaboration system.

PureCloud Increases Productivity

There are tons of articles on the benefits of working at home, for both the employer and employee, and there are also the nay sayers who believe productivity can only be measured by time spent in an office cubicle (boo-hiss on them). I’m obviously a big believer in that work is not a place. We work everywhere, at home, the coffee shop, the airport, and even some places most of us won’t admit to working. I can honestly say that I’ve done more real work in my tiny cabin than I ever did in an office cubicle. But the biggest difference I’ve seen in my own productivity has only been within the last year or so, thanks to PureCloud. I now have a much deeper connection with my team and more time for my family. PureCloud is the next best thing to being face-to-face, but without those constant office interruptions. Hat’s off to PureCloud!

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Wendy Mikkelsen

Wendy Mikkelsen

Wendy Mikkelsen is a senior manager, product marketing at Interactive Intelligence. She is responsible for the strategic positioning of cloud customer engagement solutions, driving product adoption and market awareness. Wendy has considerable professional expertise serving the contact center and communication industry for 20-plus years. Prior to Interactive, Wendy held various product and cloud marketing positions at both Nortel and Avaya. Wendy has broad knowledge of the contact center market and provides educational opportunities for businesses to learn about next generation customer experience management strategies and solutions.