“Yes, you sure can” – The power of consolidated communications

I frequently receive calls from managers and engineers of my customers wherein they discuss important project initiatives that would assist their contact centers to more efficiently serve their own customers.  These conversations usually start with them telling me about the importance of our ACD integration to a 3rd party system which provides efficiency, new features or applications and allows for “C” level visibility within their organizations.  The “C level visibility” words are frequently used when identifying new and important projects.  I am usually given information about the urgency of these integration projects and the specific timeline (or deadline) for me to have these integrations in place.

Clearly my customers are veterans within the contact center industry.  They know that integrations, testing and deployment are time and resource-consuming.  They are also well aware of the integration nightmares that have plagued the contact center business when multiple products from multiple vendors need to be able to communicate with one another.  I’m sure they may have been previously subjected to the drama of multiple vendors pointing fingers at each other when things go wrong with integrations.

Once my customers have stated their requirements, I typically enquire more about the new efficiency or application features that would be derived by deploying various integrations.  I almost always find that these features are already within the ACD solution or application.  After a quick terminal services session between myself and the engineers, I will show how the new functionality is configured within the system.  What appears to be a project that could last several months quickly evolves into a few weeks of testing and implementation.

Customers deploy application solutions to challenges existing within their environment at a particular time.  Over a period these challenges change.  A consolidated communications platform allows the layering of various application solutions as and when they are needed.  While the technical benefits of such a system is illustrated in various white papers, documents, materials, etc. located in our resource center.  Such a platform is personally very beneficial to me, as it allows me to say “Yes, you sure can” more frequently to my customers.

Abi Chandra

Abi Chandra

Abi Chandra

My career in telephony has unintentionally mimicked the life cycle of contact center solutions. In the 1990's, I was working on Rockwell's legacy ACD systems after which I then used server board-based systems at Aspect Solutions. Now, for the past five years, I have been working on IP systems for Interactive Intelligence. My primary background is in Cisco Systems data and voice networking and integrations. At Interactive Intelligence I am responsible for designing and architecting large-scale contact center solutions for strategic customers. I also regularly train our channel partners in systems engineering design methodologies. In my spare time, I enjoy making movies and the creative arts. People are surprised to hear that I am an avid Jazzerciser.

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  • Hi, Abi.
    You left me curious.
    Can you provide some real world examples of "C level visibility" integration projects that, in turn, could be easily configured in the Contact Center systems, reducing the implementation time so much?

  • Abi Chandra
    Ismael – Thanks for asking this question and allowing me to provide examples. I will state a couple examples from the recent past:1)Due to the down turn in the economy one of our customers was cutting back on contact center operations and wanted to integrate to a third party product which would allow automatic call backs to their customers based on their place in queue or provide the customer the option to schedule call backs at a later convenient time. 2) Another customer wanted to bring in their outsourced credit card activation in-house due to contract expirations and needed the ACD to integrate to a third party IVR.Both of the above examples were highly visible projects with multiple executive sponsorships. In both cases by layering specific contact center applications not only the need for integrations was avoided but the customers were able to leverage their existing infrastructure and roll out into production in a matter of weeks.I have even more examples where contact centers have been able to layer on additional contact center applications like automated out-bound Dialer, WFM, work-flow etc. These were quick to deploy and allowed the customer to enjoy the benefits of one consolidated communications platform.
  • Abi Chandra
    Ismael – You may also want to check the resources at the following link where the benefits of a single consolidated communications systems are indicated. I have also included it in my blog.http://www.inin.com/resources/Pages/Research-Papers.aspx

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