Remove These 4 Annoying Emails From Your Workplace

The average person checks email as much as 30 times every hour. For you math wizards out there, that is about once every two minutes. Nobody likes a full inbox to filter through, but we do love that “bing” sound that goes off when we have a new email waiting. Most of us are so impulsive with new notifications that we just have to see what we might be missing.

So just how harmless is an unnecessary email distraction? Can’t we just scan it quickly and delete it? That only takes about five seconds right? Actually, it’s deceiving to look at it that way because the price we pay is lost in the time it takes to ramp back up into being productive again. We also sacrifice mental sharpness in our work until we fully regain focus. When you look at the real cost of distractions, it can take between 10 to 25 minutes to get back on task after an interruption.

One way to minimize or eliminate unnecessary emails is for the company to take responsibility to ensure that the content employees need is readily available and easy to find. This helps users find what they need more efficiently without sending distracting emails and bringing down company productivity.

Here are four unnecessary emails we have eliminated from our workplace:   

1. The “Search for the Disappearing Co-worker”

Content: Do you know if Chris is in the Raleigh office? I need him to help me with the Kramer Jackson merger.  Please help!

In today’s office environment, people are managing more tasks than ever before. Unfortunately, the first job doesn’t go away when we are working on another assignment.

An enterprise collaboration tool eliminates this type of “Where’s Chris?” email by providing employee profiles in one easy-to-manage place with real-time availability status for everyone. Each profile shows whether your contact is available, away, offline, or if they left a customized message like “I am in office today,” “I am out of office all week,” or “Meeting all day with auditing contractors – kill me now”. You can find out where Chris is in less time than it takes to send that annoying email to the whole company.

2. The “Who’s got the skills?”

Content: Does anyone know who the sales engineer is assigned to the Merck account?

With an enterprise collaboration tool like PureCloud Directory, you can avoid this email using advanced search capabilities. Simply do a combined search for your contact by Title = Sales Engineer and Account= Merck. This combination will help you find and connect with the person you need.

3. The “Oops, I forgot about you.”

Content: Sorry Janet, I forgot to copy you on this email I sent yesterday. I just wanted you to know that we won the big deal with Tinker and Company. Sorry I forgot about you.

With PureCloud Directory, you can manage your email and chat lists using the Groups feature. Groups are communities within your organization like project teams, direct reports, and personnel with a particular skill or certification. By managing these groups and providing easy ways to contact them, you avoid the “Why didn’t I know about this?” problem.

4. The “Please stop sending all these emails!”  

Content: “Remove me from this email chain!”

After three of your peers decline in email to cover for a mutual teammate, you take the high road and respond with your willingness to support their request. After all, it’s only two hours of phone coverage and it’s a good opportunity to score some points with the team. You thought you would be everyone’s hero, but instead you get an email from someone named Joe on another team who replies, “Remove me from this email chain!” Congrats, you’ve just become “that guy” who sends useless messages to the whole company.

PureCloud Directory allows each person to control their own group email and chat list participation based on their personal profile content. So if Joe decides to take a new job with the RFP writing team, he will remove himself from the chain when he updates his profile. Now that should make you feel better.

What could you accomplish in a different way if you had an enterprise collaboration tool at your disposal?

Thanks for reading!

Russ Compton

Russ Compton

Russ Compton

I recently joined the Interactive Intelligence team as part of the OrgSpan acquisition in April 2014. Currently, I am the Solutions Marketing Manager for PureCloud Directory and PureCloud Unified Communications, where I am tasked with positioning these solutions and delivering their unique message to our global audience. My previous experience offers a fairly broad scope of marketing activities including corporate branding, product visual creation, and web design. Although, my general focus for 10+ years has been centered around product marketing, communications, and product launches. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and I call Raleigh, NC home. When I am away from work, I have a passion for spending time with my family (I’m slightly outnumbered by girls -three to one). I also love coaching youth soccer and I am up for any number of DIY weekend projects around the house.