The Rise & Rise of Video Conferencing

The Rise & Rise of Video Conferencing

So, this week, I‘ve been at a Trade Show in the UK (, and from previous years attendance at this show, I’ve noticed a distinct rise in the number of companies promoting video conferencing services, from either a software or hardware viewpoint. Companies that you may never have heard of such as Lifesize, Vidyo, SMB Solutions were all prominent, as well as the known names such as NEC, Microsoft and Polycom – all with shiny and bright video offerings.

Argyle and Cook (1976) have written the classic on this topic, Gaze and Mutual Gaze, which discusses the significance of eye contact and gaze in human interactions.  They noted that eye gaze cues us in on when it is someone’s turn to speak, it creates a sense of intimacy between people, and it tells us where to focus our attention. 

Why the sudden proliferation of Video Conferencing as a media source?

The reasons, in my opinion, are:

1.       Green
Reduced costs, time saved, carbon footprints, insurance costs, content, customer assistance,

2.       Technical
With the advent of superior tablet technology, and a strong(er) 3G connections, the opportunity for videoconferencing is ready made.

3.       Company Unity:
Increase the unity of your employees located in different geographic regions. Video conferencing can provide a vital link between employees who communicate regularly by phone by giving a face to the voice. When your employees are more connected, they are able to be more effective as a team

4.       Money
Gone are the days of proprietary systems and cameras. Today you can use a standard laptop with a built-in web camera to conduct your meetings. The online meetings don’t require equipment or software that is not already found in most offices. In addition, several companies now offer conferencing services at a price that even individuals and small organizations can afford.

This trend will only continue and become more prolific across the industries that we at Interactive Intelligence work in.


Christian Ehinmola