Rocky Doesn’t Work Here

We’re living in a stressful time.  The topic on a lot of minds these days is money… more specifically credit (or as I like to think of it, “the art of spending money you don’t have".  I recently had the opportunity to visit a company in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.  These folks are most commonly known as “collectors.”

I had no prior experience in the ARM vertical, and what I knew of collectors was largely dramatized on TV or in movies.  This being the case, I was excited to see and learn some new things.  I imagined a high-stress call center environment where tough-talking, gruff voices rose and fell in a symphony of threats and accusation.  I imagined fearful figures on the other end of the phone who would cower under the pressure and cough up the dough right away.

I was, of course, dreadfully (and hopefully comically) mistaken.  The caricatures didn’t exist, but a fundamental truth did.  Owing someone money is stressful, and trying to collect money from someone is equally stressful.

This particular call center ran efficiently using a particular software tool, and a particular phone system, but who cares?  All the tools and all the systems in the world cannot diffuse stress as effectively or as quickly as a kind voice on the other end of the phone.  The company has clearly invested time and resources into the training and refining of its most valuable resource.  Its people.

Customer service soars or crashes primarily on the quality of the people who provide it.  In a world of worry and stress, wouldn’t it be cool to be a source of joy and relief to your customers?

Murph Krajewski

Murph Krajewski

Murph Krajewski

I joined the Interactive Intelligence family in 2000 as an IT guy. Since then I’ve spent years demonstrating and showcasing our software and services to the masses both in person and via video through my current role as Video Production Manager. I’m most passionate about helping companies improve their customers’ experiences, and love thinking up new ways to make that happen. I’m a true jack-of-all-trades, and I will likely never stop trying to figure out a way to move to London, England.