Routing incoming faxes to a network printer

These is getting harder to get a standalone fax machine. If you like getting hard copies of your faxes and don’t have a fax machine anymore, there a solution which is pretty straight forward and doesn’t involved getting your hands dirty with handlers. Open your fax station in Interaction Administrator and add the following custom attributes:

The attribute PRINTER points to the UNC path of the printer we are going to print our fax to. ICAdmin account must have rights to use this printer otherwise it will fail. PRINTSTYLE can be used to set how the page will be printed. Valid values are: 0 = shrink page to fit printer paper, 1 = Chop the page at the end of the printer page, 2 = Spill over to the next page of printer paper. And the last attribute NOTIFY is for sending notification of the print job to the configured email address.  If you don’t want notifications, then just leave this attribute out.

Now, if you using Media Server for faxing, all is not lost. Just create a dummy station called ‘Media Server’ and assign the same attributes as above.



Anish Sharma

Anish Sharma

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