Running ICBM and Interaction Desktop Over the Internet

In today’s world, we need to do everything we can to make our applications available for use wherever a user might be. Not only that, but we need to make it as simple as possible to get connected and to work.

Today, a contact center agent or supervisor needs an MPLS/VPN connection to log on to their Interaction Desktop or ICBM. Over the open internet, users only have the option of using Interaction Connect or another application using Interaction Center Web Services (ICWS) via their web browser. Confusing, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if users didn’t need to use an entirely different application based on where they chose to work that day?

Interaction Connect and other ICWS web applications are certainly extremely useful, full of features, and are available via web browser over the open internet. Interaction Desktop, ICBM, and other Interactive desktop applications have some advantages over their web application relatives simply because desktop applications have been in development much longer, making them more mature, feature rich and stable. Not only that, but contact center agents and supervisors have more experience using the desktop applications. The only problem is that these desktop applications are not built to operate over the open internet. That is, until now.

As of CIC 2016 R3 and later, Interaction Desktop, ICBM, and other Interactive desktop applications are now able to connect and operate over the open internet. A contact center agent or supervisor can now use the mature, feature rich desktop applications they are used to, and can do so no matter where they need to work that day. On top of that, new customers and new deployments can get all the power of Interaction Desktop and ICBM without the expense and long lead time of MPLS/VPN that’s been required until now.

How did we do it? How does this affect the user experience? What is supported? Where can I get started using Interaction Desktop and ICBM over the internet? For answers to all these questions and more, join me for my INTERACTIONS 2016 session, “Running ICBM and Interaction Desktop™ Over the Internet,” on Tuesday, June 7. You can register for the conference, here.


Interaction Desktop™ – A desktop application typically used by contact center agents to manage phone calls, web chats, emails, and more.

A powerful interaction management application for desktop or laptop PCs. The CIC client offers more functionality than your telephone. Use it to manage your electronic communications, including phone calls, voice mail, conference calls, ACD routed email messages, and web chats.

ICBM – A desktop application typically used by contact center supervisors to mange and monitor contact center agents, interactions, recordings, reports, and other important system information.

CIC – Customer Interaction Center™ is a unique all-in-one customer engagement solution built to support omnichannel customer service.

Brent Rager

Brent Rager

Brent is a senior software engineer at Interactive Intelligence with 10 years of experience in software development. Brent has spent over five years primarily developing the session manager subsystem of Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) with a focus on reliability, scalability and customer support. Prior to joining Interactive Intelligence, Brent was a software engineer at Delphi Electronics & Safety. Brent has a B.S. in computer engineering from Purdue University.