Should the Size of your Company Determine the Quality of your Service?

Small businesses have many disadvantages when going up against larger competitors – smaller budgets, less name recognition, smaller customer base, fewer resources – and that is just the start. But enter in the great equalizer – the ability to deliver a better customer experience.

Maybe your bigger competitor has 5,000 support people in their contact center and you have 12. Any given customer, at any given time, is a one-to-one relationship. Your agent helping your customer. And as a smaller business, you actually have some advantages – less bureaucracy, increased flexibility, more personalized relationship with your customers, shorter paths to get the answers customers need. So don’t concede the service advantage, just because you’re smaller than your competitors. Use that size to your advantage. Here are four tips to assure that you don’t have to be a big contact center to deliver great customer service.

  1. Don’t hide your size. Highlight your more nimble, flexible, smaller size as an advantage to your customers for delivery of a more personalized service.
  2. Use proper routing to increase satisfaction. Be sure you have fine-tuned the routing engine to take advantage of skills such as language, product specialty, and technical depth to get callers to the agent best qualified to answer their questions.
  3. Give customers a choice of how they contact you. Some of the largest companies still rely on a voice call as the only means to contact them. Trump their offer, giving your customers choices of phone, email, web chat, or social media.
  4. Get your experienced supervisors into the mix. Supervisors were once your best agents. Don’t let that expertise go unused. Use monitoring, whisper coaching, and keyword spotting to help supervisor’s know what to pay attention to in the contact center. Want to really supercharge the effectiveness of your supervisors? Get them out on the floor by giving them supervisory information on an un-tethered iPad or mobile tablet.

Can you add to my list of four? If so, tweet it and include me @jstaples21 and include the hashtag #custserv. The bottom line is size doesn’t determine the quality of service you deliver. You determine that, and the tools are there to help you turn service into your business advantage.

Joe Staples – chief believer that great service should be the goal of all businesses regardless of size