Speed: The Unsung Hero of the Cloud Contact Center

The headline benefits for moving your contact center to the cloud are most notably increased flexibility, (read my earlier post, “Flexibility in the Cloud… What Does it Really Mean?”), lower initial capital investment, and reduced IT requirements, (covered in a previous post, “Is a Move to the Cloud Good or Bad for IT?”). The benefit that gets less notoriety, but has saved the skin of many a CIO and contact center director, is “faster deployment time.”

For it’s premises-based cousin, changing out the contact center meant hardware procurement, space planning, administration training, and telco agreements. Those all take time. And with the potential of seeing your existing system being end-of-lifed by the vendor, or the need to get a new division or acquisition up and running, that is often time that you don’t have. The good news is that for the most part, many of those time-consuming tasks go away with a cloud deployment. Sure there is planning involved, but the cloud world can cut that time-to-go-live by up to 70%. And for smaller, less complex needs, that time can be compressed even more.

So let’s call “faster deployment time” the hidden benefit. The unsung hero of the cloud contact center world. You may have pressing time constraints. You may not. Either way, faster deployments mean more time to focus on other projects. To get more done with your existing resources. And that is a benefit worth noting in your future plans.

Joe Staples – Wishing that the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner had a “faster deployment time,” but very appreciative of this wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all!