Spell Check – I need it!

Remember Microsoft Outlook ’97?  If you wanted spell check, you would enable the check before send feature.  Invariably the tool would find words it did not  recognise – names, places, abbreviations.  I’ve got to say I like the new red squiggly line that tells you as you finish typing that a word is misspelled.  And how about that auto-complete…  Do you find yourself starting to rely on it?  I find that I’ll rely on the auto-complete to help save a few key strokes.  My favorite is ignoring the SHIFT to capitalize words and let auto-complete do that for me.  The problem I run into is when I turn to a application that does not offer this feature.  I know I’m in real trouble when I don’t see the red squiggly line on something I’ve written.

So where is all this going?  Will it be de facto standard with software development?  I’ve got to say I’m hearing more and more requests for this capability in our interfaces.  We do already support this feature, but it is requested in just about any place a user uses to enter text – when building a form in the Quality Monitoring questionnaire…  when entering comments on agent’s score card… when building canned responses for chats and emails.

How about transcription?  Are you seeing more demand for this capability?  Is there a ROI or business case for this feature?  I’m interested in what your hearing.

Thanks for reading.  I have purposefully misspelled a word in this post.  Can you find it?  Don’t cheat by cutting and pasting into Outlook or Word   : )

Peter Nees