The Future of Customer Engagement Will Look Much More Like This

Earlier this summer, Amazon turned a service failure into a genuine feel-good moment. It was a great illustration of how the art of customer engagement is changing, for the better.

My family had gathered together to watch a movie while away for the weekend in wine country. The choice was finally made (after much debate), seats negotiated, licorice distributed and play button pushed. Suddenly the dreaded “death spiral” appeared on screen as the movie continued to buffer. After putting the room back in order, my family begrudgingly retreated to bed. Before my head hit the pillow, I decided to check […]

Do You Have a Customer Experience Strategy? Part Two

In my last blog I talked about defining, documenting and communicating your customer experience strategy. This time I’m going to give you my top ten questions that I believe you must answer as you focus on creating a better customer experience.

As you work to develop a well-structured plan for designing your customer experience, spending time defining, documenting and communicating your current customer experience is step one. Step two is answering these ten questions listed below. These questions represent my years of experience helping clients design and implement solid customer experience strategies.

Use the answers from this checklist to help […]

Do You Have a Customer Experience Strategy?

The customer experience is getting a lot of attention these days and as Martha Stewart would say, “that is a good thing.” Where would your business be without customers? Not a pleasant question to ponder, right? But like it or not, your customers are having an experience so ponder this question:

Do you have a defined, focused strategy around what you want your customer’s experience to be and how will you provide it?

If you don’t have a customer experience strategy, you should. Your customers are too important to leave it to chance. And, it is not the burden of […]

9 Best Practices for Utilities Deploying Mobile Apps

How important is mobility to your utility customers? Today, customers expect convenience, customization and self-service – wherever and whenever! Expectations have been set by other industries that this ease of access translates to mobile access. This will continue to be a market force in the utility industry that will challenge those without apps to deploy them – and those with apps to keep improving them.

As an IT Manager at a utility, your objectives are many. In addition to improving the customer experience, you are also being tasked with building and maintaining theses mobile apps in a way that allows […]

Your Customers Are Talking, But Are You Listening?

Each morning, I visit a few of my favorite business sites online to see what’s taking shape in the world. While going through my rounds the other day, I came across an article about the impact of bad customer service and how it can end up costing you in the long-run. Novel concept I know!

The article focused on a large media company and how years of bad service has cost the company many of its subscribers. Today, the company is undergoing a $50 million ad campaign in an attempt win back old customers and gain new ones, while trying to […]

Mobile Applications in Insurance – Customer Service is Not a Choice

The latest buzz regarding customer contact channels is mobile applications.  How do you ensure success within this channel?  I recently attended a webinar by Information Week Financial Services called Getting Answers from Mobile Initiatives where they discussed different applications for the insurance industry, metrics that indicate mobile success, and where companies are focusing their money for mobile applications.  According to Forrester Research, the top 3 priorities/objectives for mobile applications are:

Increasing customer engagement Improving customer satisfaction Appear as innovative

I would like to examine the first two objectives, customer engagement and satisfaction.  As a consultant, I have received the consistent […]