Using the Get DS Parameter Tool Step

The Get DS Parameter tool step can be very useful in situations where you want to set the value of a variable within a handler by setting the value of a Server Parameter in Interaction Administrator. This allows you to change the behavior of a handler without having to open the handler, modify the variable definition, save the handler, and publish it again.

You could use the Get DS Attr tool step instead, but the Get DS Parameter tool step offers a couple of advantages which make it a more attractive option.

An example use might be to […]

Starting an IPA Process from a Handler

This week I’m Down Under in Melbourne, Australia, teaching an IPA Design and Implementation course.  Since I have servers at my disposal and a little time during labs, I decided to experiment a little with initiating a Process from a handler in conjunction with an inbound ACD call, so that a Work Item alerts on the agent’s queue just after he/she picks up the call.  The results are not perfect, but do show great promise and usefulness – I know other folks are creating fairly complicated solutions along the same lines.

I chose to place my functionality into the CustomACDPostAlert […]