The Unexpected Side Effects of Deploying Mobile Apps

A study from Pew Internet shows that 55 percent of Americans said they’d used a mobile device to access the internet in 2012. For 31 percent of users, the primary way they access the web is via a mobile device. That’s almost a third of the American population using the Internet! I suspect mobile Internet usage to be much higher in many countries outside the U.S. Given these statistics, clearly organizations have to develop a strategy on how to engage with their customers via mobile devices, if they haven’t done so already. Note that for this blog, I am using […]

9 Best Practices for Utilities Deploying Mobile Apps

How important is mobility to your utility customers? Today, customers expect convenience, customization and self-service – wherever and whenever! Expectations have been set by other industries that this ease of access translates to mobile access. This will continue to be a market force in the utility industry that will challenge those without apps to deploy them – and those with apps to keep improving them.

As an IT Manager at a utility, your objectives are many. In addition to improving the customer experience, you are also being tasked with building and maintaining theses mobile apps in a way that allows […]

Mobile Applications in Insurance – Customer Service is Not a Choice

The latest buzz regarding customer contact channels is mobile applications.  How do you ensure success within this channel?  I recently attended a webinar by Information Week Financial Services called Getting Answers from Mobile Initiatives where they discussed different applications for the insurance industry, metrics that indicate mobile success, and where companies are focusing their money for mobile applications.  According to Forrester Research, the top 3 priorities/objectives for mobile applications are:

Increasing customer engagement Improving customer satisfaction Appear as innovative

I would like to examine the first two objectives, customer engagement and satisfaction.  As a consultant, I have received the consistent […]