Text is next

Texting is changing our world so fast; my blog title is no longer true now! Texting is already here, and here to stay. And texting is not just cool (it IS the official means of communications for anyone who is 13-21 years old), it also saves time. Gone are the days when people bought phones just to call other people. This is the age of smart phones. A smart phone is defined as a phone with advanced capabilities like email and internet browsing. And if you are really smart, I have heard you can make it do your laundry sometimes.

Coming back to the main point I was about to make: texting is now being adopted in a growing number of contact centers. It provides customers with a great way to contact a business without having to schedule 57 minutes of their day to stay on hold and “wait for the next available agent”. It saves the business time and resources by cutting down the interaction time and jumping straight to the issue at hand. It is also a great tool for outbound contact centers that want to push out marketing messages to their target audience who can then read the message when convenient.

And text messaging, or SMS, does not have to be mutually exclusive with voice calls. SMS is still a type of “media” to your contact center software, and you can easily transition from one media type (SMS) to another (call or email). You can route SMS just like calls, report on them and record them.

Got any comment on SMS usage in a contact center?

If not, at least text RAEBNC to me sometime.

Ritu Maheshwari.