The Benefits of Cloud-based Communications for the Call Center: Reducing Up-Front Costs is Just the Beginning

Guest Blog by Matt Krautstrunk, Editorial Coordinator, Resource Nation.

The many benefits of cloud computing have led to a groundswell of interest in moving communications to the cloud. Increasingly, call centers are taking advantage of cloud-based communications and the benefits are clear.

Although the most obvious benefit of cloud-based communications is a reduction in up-front capital expenditures, call centers operating in the cloud are now realizing major benefits associated with faster roll-out of sophisticated features.

For instance, call centers operating in the cloud can deploy “screen-pop” applications in a matter of days rather than months. In this example alone, being able to empower agents with this “popped” customer history data so they can better up-sell and cross-sell can result in a significantly faster return-on-investment.

The competitive advantages this offers are significant as well. A Condado Group Study of U.S. contact centers’ performance, operations, technology and human resources indicated that “only 8% of respondents stated that agents fully understood how a caller’s household fitted together economically, which would allow an agent to suggest suitable cross-selling and up-selling initiatives.”

Since so few businesses understand their customers’ needs, using the cloud to quickly deploy applications such as screen-pop can give your call center a major competitive advantage. In addition, the cloud enables call centers to more quickly take advantage of application enhancements and upgrades, thus further adding to this competitive advantage.

So, when evaluating cloud-based communications for your call center, remember that there are significant benefits beyond cost savings. These include the ability to more quickly roll out applications like screen-pop that enhance customer loyalty. And in an increasingly commoditized market environment, retaining customers will prove to be a key differentiator between companies that decline and those that flourish.

-Matt Krautstrunk, Resource Nation

Matt Krautstrunk is an expert writer on inbound call centers based in San Diego, California. He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as document management software at Resource Nation.