The Two Main Problems With Speech Analytics

Just say the words "speech analytics" and you’re likely to cause many contact center managers and directors to cringe. The two things that come to mind, are in reality, the root of the problem. Traditionally speech analytics have suffered from two (or in this case "too") significant issues — too pricey and too complex.

To illustrate…I heard a company in Australia present recently. For their 100-agent contact center, the speech analytics product they purchased took nine servers, $60,000 in hardware, and $350,000 in software and services (there is problem one). After six months, it still isn’t implemented (there is problem two).

So it’s time to break this ugly pattern. Affordable and straightforward is the success model for speech analytics. The value is great…analyze speech conversations (realtime is best) and identify problem conversations. However, if nothing changes, the cost and complexity hurdles will keep this product segment at a standstill.

So we’ve defined the problems, now go pressure vendors to correct them. Take a look at what Interactive Intelligence has done to change the game with Interaction Analyzer.  

Joe Staples — CMO and speech analytics fan