The Right Metric for a Sales-Oriented Contact Center

For some contact centers the sale of products comprise the entire objective of the center, or at least some portion of its purpose. I’d make an upfront argument that a great customer experience is just as important in a selling environment as it is in a service environment. The goal of any sale is to have that buyer return to buy more and to promote your products to others. So many of the metrics, such as netpromoter score and abandon rate, that are important to service-oriented contact centers apply equally to sales-oriented contact centers. Yet, there is then the need for additional metrics to measure the sales success of the agents.

The trap that many sales-oriented contact centers fall into is over-simplifying the metrics and just measuring total sales and sales per agent. In reality, agents are often pulled in multiple directions including training, follow-up, product resolution, etc. So a more appropriate metric is “sales per contact/per hour.” This more refined metric gives management a better look at how good a job the agent is at selling product during each conversation. It removes the ambiguity that can be introduced by the non-selling activities. When coupled with a total sales per agent metric, it can give the level of detailed information that is actionable by management.

Joe Staples — believer that metrics matter and that incorrect metrics can drive incorrect behavior